The purpose of the Londonderry Youth Football & Spirit (LYFS) organization is to provide football and competitive cheerleading for youth ages 5-15 in Londonderry and the surrounding area.

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 Sun 10/17/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Londonderry, LHS Track Field 9:00 11:00  >Football> 8U Game Windham Wolverines D8 Cheer  JL 
11:00 13:00  >Football> 9U Game Plymouth Huskies   JL 
13:00 15:00  >Football> 10U Game Windham Wolverines D10 Cheer  JL 
15:00 17:00  >Football> 11U Game Windham Wolverines   JL 
Londonderry , LHS Varsity 11:00 13:00  >Football> 13U Game Windham Wolverines D14 Cheer  JL 
Londonderry, LHS Varsity  15:00 17:00  >Football> 12U Game Windham Wolverines   JL