The purpose of the Londonderry Youth Football & Spirit (LYFS) organization is to provide football and competitive cheerleading for youth ages 5-15 in Londonderry and the surrounding area.

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Subject: Alex
Posted by: Kennedy Richard of <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Having the good fortune of being able to coach football for 6 seasons, I've met a lot of great kids and great families. Of course, several really stand out. Alex was one of them. He was the type of player who would play any position you needed him to play and never complained. He always had a laid back smile that would just be infectious. I can honestly say, the only time he was not smiling, was during laps at the beginning of practice and the sprints at the end. He really didn't enjoy running. But, as soon as the runs were done, the smile returned. I remember Alex playing for my mitey-mite team and we were facing another team who was obviously not going to be able to compete with us. I decided to sit out my starting running backs/full backs and give the ball to other players that I felt deserved to try to run one in for a touchdown. Alex was one of the players I chose. I remember it was the first time he ever ran with a football. If memory serves me well, Alex's first carry was a real tough run of about 10 yards. His next carry was for about 25-30 yards for a touchdown. Although my details may be a bit sketchy, I can still see the smile on his face after he came off the field from scoring his first touchdown. His smile was even bigger than usual. I remember making fun of his long run (for the score) telling Alex that he took 10 minutes off the game clock because of how slow he was. He, in usual fashion, flashed that smile and we both had a good laugh. Alex thanked me after the game....I thanked him. I've always talked about one of the happiest moments I ever had during was watching Alex, and two other players, scoring their first touchdowns. Alex was a pleasure to be around and I never heard another player say anything negative about could they? He was a friend to everyone he met. I feel that I'm a much better person for having known a young man like Alex. He was indeed a reflection on his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lyskawa did an absolutely amazing job in turning him into the person that he was. I will never forget Alex...his smile, his unselfishness on the field, and GOD how he hated sprints! Thank you Alex. My heart goes out to the Lyskawa family. Alex will be sorely missed. Coach Ken  
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