The purpose of the Londonderry Youth Football & Spirit (LYFS) organization is to provide football and competitive cheerleading for youth ages 5-15 in Londonderry and the surrounding area.

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Wildcat Competitive Cheerleading - Calling All Coaches:

We are currently accepting 2019 letters of intent for Head Coaches for all Football & Competitive Cheer teams as we prepare for the 2019 season.  We will be ramping up training and clinics starting in March and we expect all our Head Coaches to attend the majority of those sessions in preparation for the fall season.  Interviews will commence in February and we hope to complete by early March.  Please forward all letters of intent to: Football Director – Hector Ortiz - or Cheer Director – Kayla Sawyer -   Please state the team levels that you have interest in.

Assistant Coaches:  Those with interest in assisting on staffs in 2019 please do the same if you are not already working with a head coach.  Our Cheer and Football Directors will track and work with you to connect you with our Confirmed Head Coaches in order to complete our staffs the sooner the better.  Our Assistants Coaches are also encouraged to participate and attend clinics and training as that schedule rolls out in late February.


Londonderry WildCats Competitive Cheer 2019!   



The Londonderry Wildcats offer a unique cheerleading program to the children of Londonderry.  We are the only competitive football cheerleading program in town.  By having MS coaches on staff, the Wildcats are a true feeder program to LMS and LHS cheerleading.

Our program specializes in providing Londonderry children age 5-15 with the ultimate cheerleading experience…combining traditional football cheerleading with participation in local, regional and national cheerleading competitions.  We offer competitive and non-competitive/instructional levels.

What To Expect…

Our season usually starts end of July and can run into early December depending upon the success of the squad.  August practices are typically Mon-Thurs 5:30-8pm.  Once school starts and/or after the first games, the teams move indoors two weeknights 6-8 and a two hour Saturday practice. Once the football games start, each squad cheers at one game a weekend.  Beginning mid-October, each squad can participate in various invitational and AYC sponsored competitions. 


Each squad has a tackle football team to support.  During each game, the squads do sideline cheers, jumps and stunts as well as perform a halftime routine.  Our HOME games rival no other with music, live announcing, and a well-stocked concession stand. The squads are always a crowd favorite.

We offer 5 divisions for our competitive squads - 8, 10, 12, & 14. Each squad is formed by grade and learns a skill packed 2:30 minute routine that they will perform at various local invitational competitions as well as the AYC sponsored competitions.  AYC competitions provide the teams a chance to advance to a higher level-New England Regional Championships and National Championships.

We have a division for our non-competitive/instructional cheerleading squad -Tiny Mites. They also learn a routine and perform at 3 invitational and the NHYFSC State competition.

Skill Levels…
We have a division for our non-competitive/instructional cheerleading squad-Tiny Mites. They also learn a routine and perform at 3 invitational and the NHYFSC State competition.

Skill Levels…

The skill level is determined first by Division and then by the head coach's assessment of the team's stunting and tumbling abilities.

White is for beginner skills.  Divisions TM, 8, 10, 12 and 14 can be White.  Hand supported tumbling allowed.  Front and back handsprings not allowed.  Stunting up to and including two legged prep level allowed*.  No tosses allowed. *Exception-two legged double braced extension allowed in pyramid only.

Red is for standard/intermediate skills.  All Divisions can be Red.  Tumbling up to and including back handsprings.  Extended two legged stunting allowed.  Single legged double braced stunts allowed in pyramid only.  No tosses allowed.

Blue is for advanced skills.  Divisions 10, 12, and can be Blue.   All “no hands” tumbling allowed.  One legged extended non braced stunts and basket tosses allowed.

Measure of Success…

Our success is measured in various ways.  In recent years, the numerous placements at local competitions as well as the 5 NH State Champions, a New England Regional Champion, and 6 teams that advanced to the National Championships are big contributors to our success.  We can also measure the success of our program by the number of children that return each year either as actual cheerleaders or as student demos/ assistant coaches. 

Wildcats Give Back…

We are very proud of the fact that we offer scholarships to graduating Londonderry seniors who have participated in our program either as a cheerleader, student demo/assistant coach or in most cases both.

More Info or Questions…
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact  Kayla Sawyer - Wildcats Cheer Coordinator at