The purpose of the Londonderry Youth Football & Spirit (LYFS) organization is to provide football and competitive cheerleading for youth ages 5-15 in Londonderry and the surrounding area.

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General Rules and Information:

Basic Rules: 

  1. NO glitter on participants. Glitter on signs must be sealed.
  2. No mascots allowed on performance area.
  3. Each team will perform a choreographed routine of no more than 2 minutes :30 seconds in length.
  4. Routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Any vulgarity or inappropriate music will result in judges' deductions.
  5. Each squad will have their name called three times: holding area, floor entrance, and commencement.
  6. Upon entering the floor, spirited" entrances are not allowed (For example: tumbling, jumping and "spazzing")
  7. Timing will start on the first organized word or motion after the squad is told to begin.
  8. The /maximum for music; length is 1 minute 30 seconds no voiceovers or words may be pre-recorded to enhance the vocal projection of the squads.
  9. Music should be checked with DJ upon arrival. Multiple copies are encouraged.
  10. All squads should use skills/techniques to the best of their abilities within their divisions.
  11. Routine timing will end with the last organized motion, sound or word.
  12. Good sportsmanship must be "in play" at all times.
Squad Scoring Notes:
  1. Copies of judges score sheets and other criteria will be sent once registration is received..
  2. Each judge will score in 3 different catagories:  cheer fundamentals, basic fundamentals and overall routine appeal
  3. Deductions will be taken for squads performing stunting/tumbling skills above their designated skill level (For example, a red team performing blue partner stunts).
  4. Copies of the safety violation sheets will also be sent once registration has been received.
  5. A tie will be broken by the higher score in the "Basic Fundamentals" category.
  6. All judges' decisions are final.
Additional Information:
  • If registering more than one squad per organization, fill out one form with "see attached" and list all information pertaining to each squad on a separate sheet of paper-only one check per organization is needed. Once registration form, roster, and payment have been received, a competition packet will be sent.
  • The packet will contain: confirmation of registration, copies of the score sheets, and a medical/photo release for each participant.
  • The medical/photo release must be filled out and signed by a parent/legal guardian of each participant and returned the day of competition.
In the Forms section of this web site please find:
  • Competition Registration Brochure
  • Score sheets.
  • Medical and Photo Release.